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Jumbo logistics is our core business!




Why Grüters?

Because, as a dealer or producer of sensitive goods, you expect the transport of your goods to run smoothly and without delay, and to be certain that your goods are in the right hands from the time they leave the production until they reach your customer. Because delays cost money and Grüters ensures that this does not happen. Because, in us, you have found the right partner in terms of jumbo transport. We load your goods at the right time and deliver them to your customer in the right quality and quantity, if required at precisely the time prescribed by you.


Our core values

arrive in good shape... is our motto and the reason why we have been transporting goods for our customers for almost 150 years.

In addition to the “6 Rs” of logistics, we are today constantly striving to be at least one step ahead of our competitors. Our motivation is to ensure that you are convinced by our service and are unequivocally satisfied with us.

Our customers appreciate expertise, service, flexibility, the ability to innovate, calculability, cleanliness and reliability. It is through this that we have achieved and consolidated our market position.

Our customer relations are long-term. This indicates to us that we are on the right track.

This is something of which we are proud.


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